Dough recipe

I'm following a recipe published on Slice (the gold-standard for pizza blogs) written by Jeff Varasano.

Keep in mind when planning your pizza party, the dough takes 2-3 days to rise in the fridge.
These measurements should makes enough dough for 3 pizzas.

You'll need the following ingredients:
90 grams sourdough culture
(see post below for activation instructions)
345 grams bread flour
I haven't tried lower protein flour, but I'll give it a try and compare
6 grams salt
220 grams water

You'll also need the following tools:
Mixer (I use a kitchen aid, Jeff Varasano swears by the Electrolux DLX)
Digital Scale

Using the digital scale measure out approximately 75% of the flour, all of the salt, the culture and water.

Combine the ingredients in the mixer.
Mix on lowest speed for 1-2 minutes. Cover the mixing bowl with a moist towel for 20 minutes.

Resume mixing on low for 8 minutes.
After 5 minutes, begin adding the remaining flour slowly.
Increase the speed slightly for the final 2 minutes.
The dough should form a ball on the dough hook, but it should be wet enough to fall off the hook when the mixer stops.
When this happens, cover again for another 20 minutes.
Separate the dough equally into 3 Tupperware containers.
Put the dough in the fridge for 3 days. The sourdough flavors will really start to develop with this slow of a rise.

Sourdough Culture Activation

3/4 cup All-purpose flour
1 cup Water
Sourdough culture mix (bought online at sourdo.com)

Combine ingredients into a 1qt canning jar
Mix till it's a smooth batter

Keep it warmed to 90 degrees for 12 hours.

Use a styrofoam cooler (I found this one on the street)
Put the jar of culture under the cooler with a 25 watt light bulb. (bought a 25 watt party bulb at Meijer)

Monitor the temperature over the next 12 hours to ensure it's maintained at 90 degrees
After 12 hours check to see that the culture has risen to near the top of the jar.
Now your sourdough culture is active and ready to make some amazingly delicious doughs.


Fire at the Taco Bell

Since your birth in 2005, you've brought joy to lonely trips in the car
Occasionally causing great distress.

Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito, always two at a time
Two at a time, I thanked you for nourishment at a discount price

But now we must part ways
20 grams of fat is way too much
$1.29 is just too much

Don't try calling



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